Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jezi Renmen Ayiti

A few nights ago during our bedtime prayers Charleigh prayed: "Fathder, Peas be width Haiti hep him to find a forever home and gives him food to eat".  Though it might not be a 'perfect' prayer... it was a very sweet moment to realize Charleigh (and for that matter all of our kids) is beginning to catch the Faith Mission vision!!  

Courtney and I have been going to Haiti together for over 10 years now.  Though we have gone with several different groups with many different purposes/focuses, the goal is always the same: Love.  What I have come to realize over the many trips is that no matter how crazy life gets, all of this world is really pretty simple: Love God, Love People!! 

Next month Court & I will be leading our second group from New Beginnings to the village of Neply in Leogane.  If you want to see pictures and periodic updates (from this trip and others) make sure you are following me on Twitter (surgeberg) or search the hashtag: #NBHaiti 

Though the May 2013 trip is full, there are several spots open for the November 2013 trip.  
If interested please attend the brief information meeting THIS SUNDAY (April 28th) after second service!!  



*Want to see more pictures from those trips... Click on the picture or the date!!

Haiti Mission Opportunity
November 2nd - 9th

If you are interested in joining the missions team going to Haiti November 2nd - 9th, there will be a short informational meeting on Sunday April 28th immediately following the 2nd service.  There will NOT be childcare or a meal provided (we said it was brief :)).  For more information, contact Matt Fowler (

Want to meet the kids we will be loving on or read a little more about the organization we have partnered with?  Click on the graphic below: My Life Speaks

Jezi Renmen Ayiti = Jesus Loves Haiti

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Where does our value come from!?

This week I had the amazing opportunity to go out and watch the Bixby Spartan Girls Tennis Team compete in regionals.  Some of you might be wondering if I meant the word: "amazing" and yes, yes I did.  Though I do not know a lot about tennis (in fact what I do know I learned primarily from Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64... Can I get an amen!!) but I love gorgeous weather and supporting students!!

While watching one of the games matches I over heard an interesting conversation that I think all of us have had at some point or another.  One parent was talking to another parent about the girls that were playing at the time. 

Parent A: "What do you think their chances are at State?"
Parent B: "I don't know for sure but they're playing really well today"
Parent A: "You know, they're really great kids too... They're co-valavictorians for their school!"
Parent B: "Wow, so they make good grades"
Parent A: "Yep, also involved in student council and FCA"
Parent B: "That's awesome"

Though I am proud of those girls for making good grades and being actively involved in their schools, I wonder if this is an accurate picture of who they are or, at the least, whether this is what we should value!? 

In ten years of full-time ministry I have seen more than a couple students that do all the "right" things, like padding their resume with service projects, taking AP classes, running for school officers, etc. to make it into a specific college or sometimes just to get parents off their backs.  Often these teens were seen as great kids only to have their real hearts exposed over the next several years on their own in college or even post-graduation. 

It's a funny balance isn't it... I mean in one hand we know that it's not our "resume" that gets us into heaven but an acceptance of what someone else did on our behalf (John 6:28-29).  Yet, doing 'works' is a way to show growth and belief in Christ (James 2:22), which lead us to the understanding that we need to do stuff.  But it isn't here that we should find our value... It isn't here that we should be measuring success for teens OR OURSELVES!!! 

In the book 'Raising Kids for True Greatness' author Kimmel says: "God wants our children to grow up to live adult lives that are far more than just seeing how much money they can make and how well known they can become. He wants them to make a profound difference eternallyWhen we raise our children with this in the forefront of our efforts, we automatically focus on higher goals than fame, power, beauty, and wealth-goals that most parents assume are sovereign. We aim them at a true greatness that is bathed in grace and carried out through humility, gratefulness, generosity, and a servant attitude."  What a great goal for those of us that are parents and even those of us that are adults on the outside... May we point students to a higher purpose and focus!!

Confession: This message wasn't even for you, it was for me this week... I'm a "doer" (in some circles we call it "Go-Getters") and this often is seen in a positive way because I can take on a lot and get stuff done.  However, I can often get frustrated when things are not going as planned or bummed when the event is all over.  Why... because I fall into the trap of finding my value in my works and not on the cross!!  Thank you Jesus for your grace and helping me find my worth in that I'm a human being and not a human doing!!

Do you resinate with what I'm trying to say (as a parent or as a sinner in need of The Savior)!? 

*All that being said, the girls did great overall at regionals with our doubles team qualifying for State!!  But before you jump on me for honoring their works, check this out.  As I was leaving the courts I noticed something on the insides of their wrists:
"WOL": Win or Lose

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" - 1 Corinthians 10:31 

Yeah, God is at work in South Tulsa... May we make less of us and more of Him!!