Friday, February 29, 2008

Though movies are not a new found passion of mine, the opportunity to watch films in one sitting, has become one!! So yesterday, being my day off, I went to Tulsa (Southroads 20) and bought my first ticket at the 1:45pm time slot. Only a mere ten hours later I had accomplished my mission...the day at the movies!! Though I was looking for a day off, it seemed God was able to remind me that "everything is spiritual" and today would be no different...

Movie #1: There will be Blood
A very incredible acting job by (and well deserved Oscar) Daniel Day-Lewis as well as an solid plot of 'Oil!' and what it does and did to people 100 years ago... I found the movie slow at times with light conversation, however, the spiritual context heavy showing man's greed and passion for empty things... All in all, worth watch but not recommended!!

Movie #2: No Country for Old Men
Homerun for "oh my gosh, that just happened!!" I don't want to ruin it for you but the bad guy wins and leaves us thinking, "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people." If you love movies, then I recommend this film. (i.e. If you think Will Smith is the best actor of "our generation" you should pass, not that anyone would say something like that :))

Movie #3ish: Be Kind Rewind/Jumper
The idea is awesome but the execution was...crap! I actually had to leave and find something else to occupy my time (sorry for not buying another ticket). Thus, Jumper is a film that I missed a lot of but now I feel it necessary to rent it when it is released!

Movie #4: U2-3D
The last movie of the night and I even got my own glasses (3D)… If you haven’t been to this and you are a U2 fan, dare I say you are not a U2 fan (yeah, I said it)!! This movie 3D concert was great and made me feel Bono’s sweat however it also gave me a close look at his new head band:

Below is the graphic a little clearer…

Yes, “coexist”, using the Crescent from the Islamic faith, the Star of David from God’s chose (the Jews), and a Cross which Christians believe Christ (Jesus) was crucified on… Thus we should all coexist in harmony!

What do you think about this??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So here we are... One of my goals this year was to start blogging on a consistant basis and I still haven't convienced myself I should BUT... I figured since my wife is going to check daily I should write something!!

So I begin with a question... What do the below words mean to you?