Monday, January 04, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite Leaders

A good friend of mine is currently working on his masters in leadership and recently asked me who my "top three great leaders" were.  When thinking about who are the greatest leaders of all time, literally, hundreds of leaders come to mind... Though I’d like to talk about all of them, I will give you the answer I gave him, my top three (in order of era).

King Leonidas (480BC)… King and leader of the Spartan Army (the most elite and disciplined soldiers the world has ever seen). With many stories of Leonidas’ passion and leadership the one that stands the test of time was also his last one (Battle of Thermopyle). In 480 BC, facing the largest army the world had ever seen (Persia), King Leonidas rounded up 300 men, whom had sons, to head to battle and stop the Persian army just long enough to allow a bigger army to gather and defeat the Persians. He chose men with sons because he wanted their names to be past on for generations, Leonidas knew he, and those men, would not return. Even when given the option to surrender and in return be made rich, Leonidas held to his convictions and fought to the very end. 

Jesus (32AD)… Born to a single mom and step-son of a poor carpenter, Jesus would grow up learning about his heritage, purpose and developing a plan that would literally change the world.  At thirty years old, Jesus selected a group of twelve men to train and teach all that he had learned from experiences and his God.  After three years of living with this group, seeing the them grow both numerically and in life, Jesus would pay the ultimate sacrifice for his convictions.  Being nailed to a wood cross, the worst punishment Rome had came up with, Jesus left his small group of followers to carry on the name and teachings.  2,000 years later, his followers continue to pass on his teachings and stories to billions around the world.

William Wallace (1305AD)… Though William was a “commoner” he didn’t grow up like one. With the loss of his parents at a young age, William traveled with his uncle and learned about life, politics and even war. As an adult, he came back to the village he was born in and began to raise a family. Cut short of this hope by England’s reign and forcing Scotland’s submission but in so doing causing pain to many. William began to speak of rebellion and freedom. At the battle of Sterling he would become famous using tactics and strategies never before seen in battle. Ultimately, though being offered release, he would choose to sacrifice his life to the cause of freedom of his people.

Three different men, hundreds of years apart, but a common thread is found in all of them.  Discipline and Integrity of self, plus Sacrifice and Courage for others... These four characteristics is what separates them from so many others.  I believe that every great leader must have all four of these characteristics... Are you ready to carry the DISC!?

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Friday, January 01, 2016

Top 10 Moments of 2015 (and honorable mentions)

Crazy... I have been doing my top 10 moments of the previous season for five years now!!  Can't believe so much time has gone by and more importantly to see in pictures/moments how much has evolved.  If you are interested here's some links to the previous years: 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014!!

Now on to the top 10 moments of 2015... Reminder that not all moments are great but they are the moments that had the biggest impact.

Honorable Mentions:
*) Driving a Lamborghini (Huracan)!!

*) Being a part of the first Bixby Football Championship (Leadership Coach)!!

*) C.L.E.E.T. Certified!!

*) Rifle School (Yes, I passed)!!

*) Teacher Certified!!

Top 10 Moments of 2015:
10) An Appendectomy!!

9) Speaking at my Alma-mater (Ottawa University)!!

8) Man Night (Jax's 10th Birthday Milestone)!!

7) Coaching SOCCER (I'm still not sure how that happened)!!

6) Finishing a Spartan Race (Court after breaking her wrist)!!

5) Cashing in the Yellow Jeep Wrangler Fund (And NOT for a Jeep)!!

4) Anniversary/Birthday/Time-Away Trip!!

3) The Spartan Code Workbook going public!!

2) Losing GP 

1) Starting a new career (Really crazy story... But the ending is going to be epic!!)

Starting 2015, Courtney and I had made a conscious choice that it was going to be better than the last half of 2014.  However, with the start of the new year we realized nothing really changes because of a date on the calendar only working through seasons.  It is absolutely crazy that I can say with honesty that this past year was the hardest year yet (because looking back we had some hard seasons).  That was not the plan but that is what played out.  God showed us many new things and ultimately took us back to the beginnings where we had to choose to start building again... But this time something new, something with a renewed focus and vision, something with over a decade of experience in who WE are together and not twenty years of who we were apart.

God is still good and continues to reveal Himself in new and different ways.  Selfishly, I hope 2016 isn't as hard but we're ready for whatever comes down the pipe.  Now, get off the computer and go "change things"!!

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