Monday, January 02, 2012

Top 10 Moments of 2011... (this is more for me than you but hey, I know some of you care :))

If the 'Titles' are a different color click on them and read more about that event from Court's blog!!

Honorable Mentions:
* Braveheart on Blu-Ray...

* Setting the record at CherryBerry...

* Touring the New Cowboy Stadium...

* The Warrior Dash...

* Settlers of Catan...

* Chuck Norris... Nothing happened, he just deserves to be, at least, an honorable mention!!

* Catalyst with good friends...

* GCC Next Level meeting NBC Next Level...

I know right... That was just the honorable mentions, what's in the top 10?!!

10) Prepare & Enrich Certification... That's right I'm a certified Pre & Post-Martial Mentor!!

9) Snowapocalypse-Snowklahoma-Snowmagedden... The coldest day EVER!!

8) New Schools... Bixby North was much bigger than we were used to!!

7) New House... It took a very long time but we did find the perfect house for us: We own a home!!

6) New Job... Yeah, I'm a baptist again: New Beginnings!!

5) New Friends... Though there are many, this pic was too fun to pass up!!

4) Going Back to Haiti... To see a complete set of pics click here!!

The last three are hardly the best things but they were the biggest moments of 2011 and also the hardest in my life!!

3) Leaving GCC... This was an extremely hard night, but after just under 8 years it was time to move into the next stage of our ministry (WE LOVE YOU BARTLESVILLE)!!

2) Saying Goodbye to Our First Home... If it wasn't for how hard the buyers were on signing day this would have been the #2 hardest days of 2011; we did so much LIFE and MINISTRY in that home (all three of our children were brought home here), it will always be our first home (Court says it was our second to last home :))!!

1) Pop... Philip was my step-father but I grew up in his home; he treated my mom like a queen and my family like they meant everything (it is fitting that he was here when he past but that has also made this the hardest thing I've ever faced)!! I love and miss you Pop and will continue to always put my family first, serve my wife, and play with my kids as much as you did!!

((this is the second to last pic we have of Pop (the last pic is with his "Charleigh Girl")... He past away the next afternoon working on the girls' fort with me))

P.S. So not to end it on a sad note... This was my favorite post from Court this year, I feel it gives the best glimpse of who we are: The Berg's

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