Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Faith Walks among Faith Talks

For over a month now we (the Berg's) have been exploring what it would look like to have a fun and creative Faith Talk each Friday night.  We, as a NB Families Pastoral Team, wanted to make it a commitment to really pursue these principles we are articulating and try to 'Be' before we ask you (the body) to 'Do'.  For the Berg's we are now on a rotation with the whole crew, in fact Creighton's pick for Berg Family Fun Night is this week (stay tuned, and pray for us, for this one)!!  This past week was no exception to our fun, however, building a house and discussing the wise & foolish builders (Matthew 7:24-27).  

But the ultimate blessing didn't come from my planning or even leading of the devotional (which I thought was pretty good)...In fact, it had nothing to do with me AT ALL!!  Instead it came from the sweet voice I heard on the other side of the "house" in something I couldn't explain in anyway short of "spontaneous worship" (I'm thankful I had enough time to grab my phone and begin recording)!!

The beauty in this song wasn't just my youngest singing worship but the fact that she inadvertently picked it up from her mommy!!  With the radio off this month (because of ourmedia fast) we have had a lot of acapella singing going on in the Berg home.  My wife isn't one to ever sing in front of folks but she has been in worship all month with her God, and in that time Charleigh has picked up a beautiful new song.  It wasn't because we sat down and taught it to her it is something she just saw, heard and now beginning to live out... That isFaith Walk to the core!!

The interesting part to me is if you asked Courtney what she did this week to focus our kids to Christ, she might tell you a couple things but probably end with I haven't done enough or maybe even "nothing".  It's hard being a mom!  It's tiring pulling laundry out of what seems to be a hamper with an endless bottom or not just making lunch & dinner each day, then having to clean up the messes that follow.  Being so tired from being a taxi service to activities and sports, homeroom mom, and the countless other errands that have to happen.  And though we (the family) might not always get to say thank you or even tell her what a difference she makes, Court got to catch a peek into what her impact really is... AND IT'S HUGE!!

Thinking about your week, what are some things your kids picked up on this week, either positive or negative?
How are you being intentional with your time to reflect the very presence of Christ daily?

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