Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plastic Jesus

Several years back Courtney and I were at a conference in California.  During some off time we were walking around in some downtown area when I saw this figurine in a shop window.  I told Court we had to go in and get it, when she told me it seemed offensive (often my voice of reason).

As I looked over this "Answer Me Jesus" I thought about how this could be taken so so offensively.  But then another idea hit me... Why is this $15 plastic statue so offensive?  Shouldn't the fact that many of us make Jesus just that, a plastic jesus, in our lives be what's really offensive?  Why should we be mad at some guy, who probably doesn't know Jesus as messiah, just because he sells a novelty item.  The real anger should be felt by those of us who have belittled our savior in our own lives... Making Jesus fit our ideas and agendas!!

I wonder... Is your Jesus 'Plastic'!?  Here's some Plastic Jesus examples:

#1 Answer Me Jesus... Have you shrunk your relationship with Jesus to merely answering trivial questions about your life?  Should I date the guy?  Did I have too much to drink last night?  Was that really a lie that I just told or good stewardship?  Should I super-size it?

#2 Bobble Head Jesus... Have you even stopped asking Jesus open ended questions?  Do you simply want your Jesus to give you a 'Yes' to whatever you are wanting at that time?  Jesus, I totally had a right to blow up like I did, right?  I don't have to answer to anyone else about my happiness, right?  Surely I'm not at any fault for this argument?

#3 Dashboard Jesus... Have you moved past seeking any advice or reassurance but you do know the importance of having Jesus with you no matter where you go?  Jesus, I don't really want you to talk but I love that you come with me no matter what.  I don't need your opinions or JUDGEMENT just rock with me man.

#4 Toy Jesus... Did you keep moving until you left him behind?  I'm pretty embarrassed that I used to talk to you jesus.  I've grown up and don't really need you coming with me throughout my day and definitely don't need answers from something so out of date.  In fact, I'm not really sure where I even put that jesus?

#5 Baby Jesus... I'm a CEO now (Christmas and Easter Only)!!  This whole church thing isn't what jesus wanted but I'll come occasionally to appease the family.  Though this religion is just a set of superstitions it is supported by a good teacher but even he wasn't perfect.  Jesus is just a loving son who wants everyone to be happy.

Would you do me a favor... would you take 2-minutes right where you are and ask yourself: has my Jesus become plastic in my life Would you be so bold to be gut honest with yourself?

I recently have had a reality check to where I have been.  My Jesus knew grace and truth but was cool with giving me the extra grace and even mercy, even when I didn't seek Him out.  I had put my Jesus on the shelf and essentially left him there for a few months.  Sure, I would pass-by occasionally and be reminded it had been awhile since I talked with him and though I felt guilty I really didn't have the time to stop.  I was thankful He was still out for all to see and be the example for my kids but we knew he was a forgotten about figurine just collecting dust.

Today, I'm thankful for the gospel again.  The gospel is good news and redemption for me and you EACH DAY!!  Jesus came to be more than a plastic jesus but instead a real authentic relationship.  And the coolest news... He loves us too much to let us keep going without opportunity of knowing what that can be like, He provides a New Beginning each and every day for those who are willing (2 Corinthians 5:17)!!

Are you willing to trade in what you've made jesus and accept instead what He is (a real relationship)!?  Are you ready to live for a creator that died for his creation not because you have to but because you want to!? 

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