Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Good Moms & Good Dads

Throughout my day, I often receive an assortment of random things from sermon messages "I have to hear" to funny YouTube videos "I have to see" (want proof: click here)... And with the rise of Pintrest (I know I'm speaking your love language now ladies), as of late, I have been getting helpful and often clever pictures as well!!  

Though I have been carrying these two in my phone for some time, I wanted to share them today.  The first is a incredibly helpful and sweet picture with some "Tips for a Enjoyable Morning" with Moms and their kids... I love it's content and if all you get off todays posts is that picture, it was worth your time (Mornings are the pace-setter for the day and I know I need all the help I can get)!!

Make preparations... Lay out their clothes... Decide the night before what's for breakfast... Wake up before our children... Turn on soft music... Pray over them... Wake them up with joy... Give lots of kisses

The second picture is one I received from my little sister with a note that said: "Yeah, thought of you"!!  I couldn't help but laugh out loud, both because of the picture and because I was semi-concerned that that was literally Jackson and I on a past Lowes trip!!

Simple and sweet 'food for thought' today... Whether you are carving out extra time in the mornings with your kids OR just making the most of the time you do have, our kids will learn from us what's important (May it be THEM)!!  

Can I pray a blessing for you right now? Will you take 2 more minutes and pray it with me?

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