Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The man who wanted a lion tattoo

Once there was a man who went to a tattooist because he had always wanted a tattoo of a lion on his shoulder.

The tattooist started to sketch the tail into the man's back: 'Ouch! What are you doing?' asked the man. 
'I'm doing the lion's tail' replied the tattooist. 
'Well then for goodness sake let's have a lion without a tail!' said the man, wincing in pain.

Next the artist set about on the Lion's whiskers. 'Ouch!' cried the man, 'What's that?' 
'The whiskers!' said the tatooist, getting increasingly irritated. 
'Well let's have a lion without whiskers!' moaned his customer.

The tattooist then set about doing the Lion's back. 'No that hurts too!' shouted the man. 
At this, the tattooist finally lost patience with the man shouting, 'How can you expect to get what you want without a little discomfort?'

- Masnavi Story

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