Sunday, January 04, 2015

Top 10 Moments of 2014 (and honorable mentions)

Honorable Mentions:
*) Turning 35 (left the cool '25-34' crowd)... And caught a fish with my bare hands!!

*) Coaching YMCA Basketball... "Perfect" Season!!

*) Frozen!!

*) Private School!!

*) Camping!!

Top 10 Moments of 2014:
10) Being the first confirmed case of Chick-V in Oklahoma!!

9) Winning a VIP Trip to California (Dallas Cowboys Training Camp)!!

8) Kanakuk Family Kamp (K-Kauai)

7) Trips with Grammy (Eastern Michigan University & Great Wolf Lodge)!!

6) Statue Dedication to Pop (Sparky)!!

5) Disneyland (Charleigh finally meeting Mickey)!!

4) Finally getting to take the Kids to Haiti!!

3) Developing the Spartan Code (D.I.S.C.)!!

2) Becoming a Reserve Police Officer 

1) Surge Leadership LLC (New Office)

When we started 2014 we had no idea of the massive changes that were coming before the year closed out.  Though it was the toughest season we have been through, we are steadfast and focused about the amazing things that are to come.  So excited to get 2015 under way...  

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Impacting Tomorrow... Today
DDW- jeff

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Seems like you have a cool family :)